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13 April 2017


On the panel of the Formasup Campus at the International Project Development pitches in London and we're about to announce the winner... Panel left to right Jean-Christophe Pichon, Sean McColl, Dan Perry & Benjamin Bargues #abouttoannounce #thewinner #pitch #development #businessschool #business #school #bordeaux #london #panel #film #panelist #video #media #advertising #marketing

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11 April 2017


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This week, we're back on location filming in and around London. It's good to be back filming in London!



17 March 2017


Tonight, as a part of the Building Bridges project we're LIVE streaming the show to Finland. 

This project has been really cool as not only are we streaming live to audiences in Helsinki and Turku, but perfomers from Finland are also simulatenously performing on screen over here in the UK. The awesomeness of technology!!!

02 January 2017

2016 in review

2016 was a solid year in the development of Dan Perry Productions LTD, particularly in the international markets with our long-ranging project with poet Andy Willoughby that necessitated on-location filming across Finland. Playwrighting and theatre development continued blossoming with the first public performance of my latest play, "A Fragile Calm" and we covered ground in the field of documentary, live-event coverage and production services.

Commercial content has been a strong focus in 2016 with TV commercial output also tailored to the online trend of maximising social media impact and my team and I have been extremely privileged to work with some very forward thinking and exciting brands this past year.

Of course, my passion always will be film and I have relished being able to take a narrative focus on film and video content for clients in 2016 and will be taking all of this experience with me into my feature film career. One of my favourite parts of 2016 was beginning to lecture in Screenwriting at Teesside University, on the very MA that I was studying on a few years ago.

I'm very much looking forward to 2017 and with various commercial, feature, documentary and theatre projects in the pipeline, as well as my Screenwriting Lecturing I'm hoping to take my career and production company to the next level.


See you all in 2017! 



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